Friday, March 20, 2009

thoughts please!

Hooray! It's the first day of SPRING! And here in my garden, it's lovely and sunny.

Now here's where I want your thoughts, people. I wanted to play around with blog templates but didn't want to mess up this one and lose everything SO I created a new blog and had a play:

My question is, should I move on over to the new blog and settle there (which means a new URL) Or should I stay here and just revamp this one? I would still keep this one open so that previous posts were still here and all that jazz. Thoughts thoughts thoughts?


  1. It looks good. You could always make your loast post on this one be something of the 'I'm moving to http://xxxxx' so that anyone landing here can go to the new one from there onwards?

  2. I changed my blog and am glad I did, it feels fresh. Just leave a note on this one so your followers can follow lol

  3. pippa do pop over to pick your award.

  4. Click on 'Settings','Basic' and then choose 'export blog' - It will let you export your current posts and comments into your new template.
    As the meerkat says: simples.

  5. oh yeah.. and the rest...
    save this exported file to your desktop. then mess around with the template knowing your posts are all safely backed up and if you loose them they can be imported from that file.

  6. Thanks so much for the input guys!

    And thank you Matt - I will definitely do that :o)