Wednesday, March 11, 2009

scrapping and aprons

It is definitely a favourite :o) But 'Ready' is still my all-time favourite (that one where I had to cover up a word!). 

I do really love this one. This is one of Mr Pippa's favourite wedding photos (courtesy of Affirmation Photography). I did this page a couple of months ago, I was just waiting to find the right stamp to finish it. I never did find the stamp I wanted, so I used my own handwriting instead and I'm really pleased! Finally, I am actually pleased with my handwriting on a page - not just satisfied, but ACTUALLY PLEASED!

I really miss scrapping. I'm still working on the wedding invitations. They are THE best I have ever made though, so it'll be worth it. Oh and I am SO BEHIND on my photo-a-day it's laughable. But I have had a really rough few weeks, so I think I'm allowed. And, it's a photo-a-day, not an exam. To be honest, I may not have even missed a day - I may have just forgotten to upload them. Hmmm, I'll look into that.

Also, VERY exciting: I won a place on this class!
Sew Easy Aprons with Martha Bonneau

(photo from the class website)
Aren't they SO cute?! When I was little, I had a skirt just like that one on the right (but it had a back to it, obviously) and I called it "my three skirts". The best thing about this class is... it's online! I don't have to travel to America; I could probably do it in my jammies if I wanted to. It's not too late to sign up...

I'm going to put my jammies on (it's 9pm here and, in my book, that's late enough for jammies).


  1. Lovely scrapbook page, I like your own handwriting, and delightful aprons. Have fun sewing...I hope we get to see the fun one you create.

  2. Cheers for the link chuck! When you go to my site the first image you see is mr and mrs Pippa. What a lovely couple eh?