Saturday, February 28, 2009

really cool tape

Sticky tape, packing tape, parcel tape, call it what you will - I've been looking at some really cool stuff.

I love tape. I don't know why, but I do. I've been looking for some fun tape to use in crafty projects but haven't come across any in 'real life' - only on the internet. BUT, the ones I've been looking at on the internet are really cool.

this keyboard tape from here

this cloud tape from here (I really really want some of this tape)

Oooo pretty damask tape from here

this tape reminds me of The IT Crowd credits (see them here)

how cute is this?! I wonder if the little story repeats itself or whether it's one massively long story. I like to think the latter.

I like the hearts. I think the bottom one looks quite fun too - it reminds me a bit of the illustrations from The Mighty Boosh.
you know I love polka dots :o)

I LOVE this one! Not only are the picnic illustrations wonderful and the colours are oh-so-pretty, but there's a Playmobil lady standing beside it! Brilliant!

FABRIC tape?! This probably isn't a new invention but I've never used fabric tape before. This is gorgeous. These last few tapes were all from here. Yes, that's right, none of them sold in the UK. [insert huge sad face here]

Do any of you know where I could get these in the UK? {especially that lovely cloud tape} Let me know if you do. That would make me very happy. 

[if you're interested in more tape, Reuben Miller does a tape review here and also show off some cool designs here]


  1. They don't have the cloud tape, but this site appears to have lots of others in the same make and is uk based.

    A friend gave me the rainbow one she found in a little shop, I love it :)

  2. hey girl! this was a freakin awesome post! so much fun to look at.

    i just wanted to mention, sice you're into tape ;) over at we've got a tape challenge going on right now!! hop on over and see if its something you'd be interested in!

    thanks again for the fun post.

  3. oh these are too cute, it does not surprise me they are not in the UK nothing ever is :-(.
    I have a littlesurprise on my blog for you

  4. ok I have found the cloud tape pricey though here (they have in pink too )
    also a heart tape here

    I shall see if I can find anymore

  5. Gorrrrrgeous tape!! We love it. We're staying at my parents' at the moment, sitting on their sofa, reading your blog together and LOVE this tape, both of us!!!xx

  6. I love the cute tapes! So much fun! I'll keep an eye out for some in the UK :)

  7. Wow! What a response! Thanks gals! I will definitely be putting that cloud tape on my birthday list - thanks Kara!

  8. I just needed to say that also the playmobil lady is awwwwesome