Thursday, January 22, 2009

scanned or photographed?



I was hanging around in a waiting room yesterday, so used the time to draw. In the future, should I show my drawings scanned or shall I photograph them? I know which one I prefer, but how about you?


  1. I think I prefer photographed... it adds a different dimension seeing your knee in the background.

  2. I'm all for the photo too. It looks more natural, and I agree about the extra dimension it brings. Bring on the photos!

  3. Photo, for the same reasons as the above photo peeps. Plus, let's be honest, it sounds more like Pizo than Scan does :) If you were called Sam, things might be different!

    (Kidding obviously)


  4. Hey Pippa!

    Caught your comment over from Andrea Joseph's blog, and I had to laugh because there was that brief moment in which I had the same response as you.

    Thought I'd pop in and say 'HI!' to my namesake. Go figure, two Pippas in the art world, of all places! =)

    My 2 cents: I like the scan for its clarity and the photo for its atmosphere!

    (: Pippa (the other one, LOL)
    Pippa's Porch

  5. I fell asleep in the waiting room yesterday-and they say I don't look sick! Haha. Silly people. You are such a good drawer! I suck at it as I lose concentration and find it hard to hold a pen for too long-glad I'm an ICT teacher, right?!

  6. Thanks for the input everyone.

    Rowan: I like that element to photographing drawings - I think seeing a bit of where it was drawn adds to it a bit.

    Vix: You're just great.

    Natz: Good job you don't need to use a pencil much in your job!

  7. I think I like scan but to be honest I like to see both but I am just greedy.
    Great simple drawing you have a natural talent

  8. I think the scan shows more detail but the photograph looks more moody and 3dimensional.