Thursday, January 1, 2009

a new hope

Happy new year! 2009 sees the beginning of my 365 photo challenge. I've got three for you today, but I doubt I'll put all of my photos on here, so if you want to see them all as the days go by, Flickr is where they'll be.

Until today, I had never seen Star Wars. So, as Mr Pippa is a huge fan, I decided that this would be the year I would watch all of them (I would have done it last year, but his first disc is missing so we had to borrow it). "A New Hope" - what a great title. Sums up how I'm feeling about this year in general.


  1. I hope that 2009 is filled with all good things for you, your husband and all your loved ones

  2. Pippa can't find welsh buttons in your shop.would like to buy some if you see sian any time soon and you have buttons just for men can be welsh rugby, transport, maps ,or christian, let sian know so i can get in first God's joy and peace for 2009. Old Pod.

  3. Had never seen Star Wars? Wow.

    Love the photos. You always impress. (Well, except about the Star Wars!)

  4. Aw thanks Patois!

    Pod - I will get back to you soon with the badges! I've got some good ideas.

  5. A very happy New Year to you and your family!
    I must admit that I still have not really watched Star Wars either, but every body else in the house has.
    I have not see any of the Lord of Ring's or Harry Potter's... *laughs*
    I think I should sit down more often and relax a bit :)