Monday, January 19, 2009

hats and ribbon

No, I did not make this hat - the lovely people at Monsoon/Accessorize made this hat. But I did thread the ribbon through it and, since doing that, I've had quite a few nice comments on it. In fact, there was a girl in Staples who stared at it for quite a while before asking me where I got it. So this is why I'm sharing it with you.

See - I wasn't lying the other day when I said I was wearing pink and green. So, have a hat you want to liven up a bit? Thread some ribbon through it. Simple but effective.

[WARNING: Bad quality photo coming up]

Or maybe your hat doesn't have a weave which is open enough to thread ribbon through? How about some little felt broaches? These are so simple to make. I taught my eight-year-old cousin how to make them and we made three for her hat. Just cut a couple of circles out of felt, put a button on the front and a safety pin on the back and sew them together. Easy! We were a bit more ambitious with the one on the right - flower shapes and two buttons!

I might make one for my coat.

I'm sorry about the photo. She was jumping about all over the place and the room was dark and it was before we got our good camera and I had to use the flash... you get the idea.

More scrapbook pages and badges to be posted in the next few days.

How do you feel about unfinished scrapbook pages? Should I show you a page even if it's waiting for the finishing touches? Or shall I wait until a page is done (and not tease with sneak peaks)?

(I must add that we did not choose the wallpaper in our hall and we did not choose the headachey shade of yellow either. We have a different shade of yellow waiting to go on the walls. Just need to get on and do it really. Maybe then I wouldn't feel the need for sunglasses every time I go into the hall.)


  1. LUSH! I love the brown hat in particular, that is absolutely gorgeous, wow! Now I want one! :)

    I think the sneak peaks of the scrapbook pages are definitely worth seeing, keep 'em coming girl.

    And shut UP about the decorating in your house, you crazy thing, I bet no one would even notice if you didn't say it!! ;) We all focus on your beautiful work xxxx

  2. Great idea, so quick and easy too!

  3. I love ribbon, and I love brown... that hat is beautiful :)

  4. Mmm that Accessorize hat is so cute and I love the ribbon you've added. I might do that with a grey or pink ribbon? Hm....

  5. HOORAY!

    Vix: The sneak peaks will continue. I like doing them. That way, I don't have to finish the page before showing a pic on here!

    Go on girls - get some ribbon!

  6. I love what you have done to the hats, very clever.
    Monsoon rocks, I bought some hats myself from there last week