Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the badgers are in the shop

No hang on that's badges, not badgers. There are no badgers here.

I was incredibly excited about putting my badges in my Folksy shop. The last time I had checked, there were no badges for sale on Folksy. Was I going to be the first to list badges on Folksy?? No. I waited too long. As if that didn't dampen my spirits enough, I was also really excited about selling badges of the London tube map. I thought it was a brilliant idea of mine and I've been meaning to make them for months (I even had a little collection of tube maps to use). Amongst the many badges now for sale on Folksy, there are badges made from tube maps. 'Gutted' doesn't even cut it. For a split second I actually thought that someone had copied my idea, but then I realised that I had only showed the blogging world yesterday, so that's impossible. I even began thinking that this seller had read my mind. No, we just had the same idea. Bummer.

I can't really sell these on Folksy now that I see someone else is selling them (you have no idea how disappointed I am). So that will mean another giveaway, I think!

I had got over that sadness when I saw that someone else was making badges out of comic books (remember a while ago I bought some comic annuals with the intention of making them into badges and envelopes). I'm just not quick enough! This is why I'm keeping my crocheted things a secret. Not that these people copied me at all - more that I was too slow and they read my mind.

Anyway! As you may have noticed, I've been playing around with packaging...

And I've been making more badges from a map of central London (I'm pretty sure no-one else is doing that!).

I've also been making badges from a vintage map of France. I like them.

These are now available in my Folksy shop. What do you think?


  1. Hi!

    Is there any chance for a girl from Norway to dream of bying your lovely badges with text from one of the Narnina books? The moment I saw those badges I thought of my wonderful boyfriend - they would have been SO perfect for him!

    - Norweagian fan :)
    (I am sorry, my english is not so good...)

  2. Sure! Send me an email here:
    pippaslongstockings @ gmail . com

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Pippa I feel your pain. This is one reason why I no longer use Craftster, I could help but think that my designs croppin gup places were from people stealing off there...

    Anyway - I love your tube map badges and know the perfect person to give them as a Christmas gift so I will buy them if that's OK?

    I'll PM you on Folksy tomorrow to make arrangements?

    Rowan x

  4. Good day Miss Pippa! Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much i love your badges :) Keep persevering!

    Ps. Did you know that your optimism is quite infectious?

  5. I just love your little logo on your packages. Darling! :)

  6. pippa could you show all badges or is this all that you have . many people who collect badges.look up badge clubs .

  7. Love love love them. Sorry other people are doing them too but seriously Pizo, we love them. I particularly like the new packaging - you're fab! Would you sell the tube map ones rather than give them away? We'll buy some! Seriously....

  8. I love the packaging! What materials did you use to make those packets?!?!

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  10. Rowan: Thank you! You can indeed purchase those tube map badges - just get in touch :o)

    Karen: Thank you thank you thank you! I did not know that my optimism is infectious - how wonderful! Thank you so much.

    Jennifer: Thank you. And thank you for your comments on my blog - it's lovely to know that I have a new reader!

    Alan: I'm planning on putting all of the badge pictures onto Flickr. They're getting there, bit by bit - thanks for your interest. (By the way, that joke was awful!)

    Vix: I love you. Let's run away together.

    Jessica: Thank you. I used cellophane pockets/envelopes - the ones you get to put your handmade cards into to keep them nice. I used the smallest size, with a bit of card to back it, then I stapled the top. I'm glad you like it!

  11. You never cease to amaze me!! I love your creativity, it always makes me smile and I always look forward to what you'll design next!!!

  12. Oh, I absolutely LOVE 'em. I have to have some London map ones for my box of badges. Fab.