Tuesday, November 4, 2008

back to badges

Ooo I've been having lots of fun with badges lately. I would show you all of them but I don't want to overwhelm you, so here are just a few.

London Underground maps, a map of London, a map of france, a Playmobil catalogue and a page from a vintage children's book (it's a Narnia book, if you're interested). I will be putting these in my shop, but I just have to play around with packaging first.

Soon, I'll have some finished crocheted pieces to show you. At the moment, they're just waiting for a magical finishing touch. I'm really quite excited about them. Watch this space...


  1. i think i really do need that last badge.
    mile end is my home town :)

  2. And the badges are back! Must say that my fav is the first one. I find that you have captured a great part of whatever text this exerpt is from!
    I also noticed that that one is the sole rectangular one in this batch! a unique child :)

    Anyways, have a good day :)

  3. they are great! hope i know how to do these lovely pins.

  4. I am stunned that you cut up a book - and Voyage of the Dawn Treader no less! Pippa, honestly!...

    (Madam Pinze has nothing on me :o))

  5. Sian: well done for recognising the book! It was our third copy, so I hop that lets me off :o)

    Rhi: Mile end, eh? Hmm I'll see what I can do.