Monday, October 27, 2008

number 9

I changed the design of this one (notice the skinny arms and the longer tail?), so from now on I'll call this style "skinny monkey". I think she is so cool. And, for a while, she was my favourite. But now she has gone to her new home where I am sure she will be very happy. She was for a newborn baby, so a big no-no to button eyes. I really like her. What do you think?

I've got a few things on the go at the moment, but they are all waiting to be finished. It's not that I've been lazy - I'm just waiting until I can find the magical ingredient. I might show you a sneak peak soon. As for sock creatures, I have two more very cool ones to show you and then I'm going to stop and wait for actual orders. Have you seen a pair of socks from the selection that you like? Would you like to make an order for Christmas? Just get in touch and I would be more than happy to keep the sewing machine out :o) At the moment, they are taking over the studio! When the sun decides to show its face, I might photograph the growing family of sock creatures - they look quite settled.


  1. Love love love them. All of them! Skinny monkey is especially cute. How cool that it's going to a newborn baby :) Guess what - we had friends over for dinner last night to celebrate the all clear and all that jazz, and we ended up spending a LOT of the evening talking about how amazing you are!!! They've been checking out your blog, via mine, and are seriously inspired by you. We all are. Your blog is making us all want to do amazing, creative things. You're fab.

    "We love you, Pizo - we do! We love you, Pizo- we do! We love you, Pizo - we do...OOOOOOHHHHHHH Pizo we love you!!"

    That is all for now :) xx

  2. Thank you thank you!

    Vix: you know that comment made me cry - in the best possible way!