Wednesday, September 3, 2008

icy spine

I am back online! I'm still catching up with bits and bobs, so for now I will show you a picture of a bit of ice. It fell from the freezer while it was defrosting and we thought it looked like a spine, so Mr Pippa took a photo of it.

Could this be the strangest blog post I've ever posted? Possibly.


  1. pippa have you got the lamb to go with it looks like alams back bone?

    by the way if the link i gave you didn't work try this

  2. Brings a new emphasis to the phrase "shivers down yer spine"

    *groans* I can't believe I wrote that :o)

  3. pippa don't use link i gave you found out to be a con.sorry alan

  4. I thought that was a piece of modern art....then I read your post. That seriously fell out of your freezer? Art just follows you around!!