Saturday, September 27, 2008

crochet with plarn

This week, I took a little break from making sock monkeys. I've been feeling rubbish - in more ways than one! I have been crocheting with plarn (plastic carrier bags turned into yarn). If you'd like to know how to make plarn, have a look at this super easy YouTube video. It's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

I thought it would be funky to make a plastic shopping bag out of recycled plastic shopping bags. However, I now realise that it would have been much quicker if only I had known how to crochet granny squares. Ah well, maybe next time. I'll let you know when I've finished making this bag. I bought lots of socks ready to be made into monkeys, so I'll show you those too. I'll report after the weekend. Cheerio for now.


  1. It takes ages, doesn't it, LOL! Looking forward to seeing the finished result...

  2. You are very creative!!!
    This will make a lovely bag!!!

  3. have this video on my site can't make bags don't use shopping bags.on video lots of things to do. i saw the other day a lady making bags in less tha a hour if it were me i'd take a month.go for it pippa, the faster you will get. God bless to you both.