Sunday, September 21, 2008

bon voyage!

Cheerio little fella. In the morning, he flies off on his travels to America - what a long journey! He's really looking forward to meeting his new friend, the incredibly talented watercolour artist, Kimberly Shaw (you may remember she sent me a stunning card a wee while ago). My first international sale!

I was so excited a week ago - starting up my shop, my first international shop, some lovely comments on my blog... it was all going wonderfully. I had loads of crafty things on the go and millions of sock creatures in the making. Okay so not millions, but a few! And then everything went downhill. Two reasons: doctors and estate agents. I'm not sure who are worse sometimes. As anyone with ME will know, finding a nice, helpful doctor who actually knows what they're talking about is like finding a cure for cancer in McDonalds. My whole week was taken up with listening to the advice of the "specialist" (who cunningly disguises the fact that she's not a doctor by calling herself a "specialist") tell me to ditch the routine which has meant that I've been able to do more and create more than I've been able to do in over two years, in favour of "re-training your body". I'm following her advice because she is the specialist. So far, I feel terrible: more pain than usual, more exhausted than usual and generally more 'hung-over' than usual. I'm looking forward to when she realises that it was a stupid idea of hers and then I can go back to my nice lovely routine again. I do have things that I want to do! And as for the estate agent, well we all know that getting a bond back from an estate agent is like getting blood from a stone. We'll just squeeze harder.

Sorry for the lull. Just you wait, I'm going to have some very cool things to show you. Watch this space...

+Edited. I followed the advice of the specialist to the letter. She realised that it was stupid and I was able to go back to my old routine. Hooray! Oh how I wish they would just listen in the first place!


  1. Pip, listen to yourself not the specialists, to put it blunty they know bugger all about bugger all! (Experience of a woman who has been messed about by the medical world talking) They read up stuff in text books and then just roll it off toyou when you arrive at their clinic! Stuff em all I say, do what you know works!

    As for estate agents, aren't they bound by law now regarding bonds! Go to your local trading standards if you cannot get help or the CAB! Good luck.

    By the way liked the idea of placing an order and then saving for them for christmas.


  2. Hey love, I'm with your friend - listen to your body. I know what you mean about feeling like you ought to try what the specialists say, but one thing's for sure with M.E: you push, it you get worse not better.

    Sorry you're having a rough time of it, I feel your pain. The monkeys are lush though, if that's any consolation!! ;)

    LOVED the cancer cure in McD's comment, pure genius! Big hug, get some rest please :P xx

  3. want me to send the boys over to see the estate agent???????Pray you will have favour with estate agent.God is good.

  4. Congratulations on your new shop!

    Hoping your specialist doesn't do you too much harm. Sounds crazy to me.

  5. Oh, sweetie, I didn't know you were having a rough time. I'm praying for you!!!! Big OOO's and XX's!!!! Kim

  6. Hello Pippa ~ thank you so much for all of the great comments you have left for me ~ I particularly like Jessie's diets and the tyres!
    Such a buzz getting such great feedback. But I am so sorry to read your blog and see that you are poorly. I don't know what to say other than listen to your gut reaction to the advice the specialist is giving, you know whats right.
    Your sock monkeys are really great, they have such character... can't wait to see more!
    Keep in touch flower..... viv x