Sunday, August 17, 2008


Who doesn't love getting fun post? Even the envelope of this looked exciting! I got a card from Kimberly Shaw. I love her watercolour teacups. I really don't want to open this card but I don't want to give it to anyone else either! It's just too nice. At the moment it's sitting on my mantlepiece looking pretty. But not for long because... 

We're moving! We are moving house yet again. It will be our second move in 10 months, my third move in 1 year and, more frighteningly, my 10th move in 6 years! We're doing the actual moving-in next week. Oh yes. So that means packing like mad until then and then there will be unpacking at the other end. Oh how dull. And tiring :o( 

Today I have been packing away my arty bits in the studio. We won't have a studio in the new place (not enough space), so we'll see how that all works out. While packing I found a load of blank canvases, so I will definitely be having a big painting session in the near future. In the meantime, when I am not packing, I shall continue with the sketching (as I don't need anything but my sketchbook and a pen) and making sock monkeys for my shop (which I still cannot open because Etsy now only let you open a shop if you have a credit card so I'm thinking of an alternative). I will try to post as often as I can. 

Next weekend (just before we move house) we have a big fancy ball to go to. I felt a bit like Cinderella with nothing to wear except rags. Well okay so I do have a lovely two-piece ball gown, but I have completely worn it to death; (sometimes the whole dress, other times just the top with a different skirt - just to vary things a bit) everyone has seen it before and it's a bit tatty. In fact whenever there would be a fancy 'do' and the girls would talk about what they were wearing, someone would usually say to me, "So will you be wearing your pink dress?". I can't really wear it anymore, but there's no point in throwing it out; so I am updating it. Out with the lace and the ribbon and the netting: Cinderella shall go to the ball! And of course, I will show you pictures of the whole process. I'm not even sure how it will end up looking as I really cannot sew! We shall see...


  1. Yay! Let's move house! It certainly is going to be a mad couple of weeks. And don't worry about the dress - I'm sure you will look stunning. Then again, that's not hard for you. If all else fails, you could go as a sock monkey.

  2. Mrs Pippa you have a good one in him that's Mr pippa. pray the move go'es well. are you getting nearer to Wales, enjoy ball. can you do sock monkeys in welsh colours.

  3. i'm with mr pippa go as a sock monkey!

  4. Wow. That's alot of moves. A LOT. hope it all goes well.

    BTW, I'm in the Neath and Port Talbot Guardian this week. A double page spread! With an awful photo. But then all photos of me are awful - unlike you, who looks GORGEOUS in every one I've seen. Anyway, if Mr. Pippa is still working in the area you might be able to pick one up. See ya.

  5. I'm glad you received your card and are happy with it! If you are ever willing to part with a sock monkey, can I be first in line. I'd love to buy one. Hope you are getting settled in O.K.