Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sock monkey hugs

Hello. My name is Doreen Pink and I am a sock monkey. I like baking and cuddling (but not at the same time because that gets messy). I love friends and family. I am quite shy.

I was about to open a shop on Etsy yesterday, but it turns out that I need a credit card! As I have never owned a credit card, I will be looking into an alternative. Perhaps it's best that the shop-opening is delayed; I have time to be a creating machine so that I have plenty to sell when it does finally open. That will be a smiley day.


  1. i do love the lippysock monkeys thats what i call them wonderful art work. don't forget two for sara and two for me.when you see sian next sara wants meet you.love to you and Mr pippa

  2. Hi Pippa

    I want 3 please!! They are divine

    Have you thought about ebay?

  3. Sweetie you don't need a credit card, a debit card will do just fine. You will need a pay-pal account though...

    I love the way you have given your creatures characters, that shot of her with her back to the camera is quite adorable.

  4. *squeal* at them cuddling!

    and yes, what sian said. no credit card necessary. i certainly didn't start mine with one!

  5. had to take grandsons to all photos of lippy monkeys.wow cool great can we have one told them soon as pippa gets her shop going.you now have fan's of 5 and 7.she is cool from nathan 5.

  6. So very very sweet!
    I love them....


  7. How sweet: I have fans! Hello to your grandsons, Pod!

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. You know how happy they make me :o)