Sunday, August 24, 2008

cinderella goes to the ball

So as I explained earlier, I had a party to go to but didn't have anything to wear. So I took an old dress (which I have loved, but have worn far too much) and updated it. I was hoping to completely transform it but I didn't manage that. Here is the dress before alteration (yes, I do have arms, I just didn't want them in the picture).

Magical ingredients:

an old lace headband

some purple ribbon

I also managed to get some netting. And here is what I ended up with...

Apologies for the poor quality photograph but it was the end of the night before I realised that I hadn't photographed my dress and the light wasn't great. After wearing it for an evening, I was actually much more pleased with my alterations.  

Not bad for someone who can't sew, huh? Although to be honest it was mostly ripping involved. I'm happy.

Now I must continue with the packing.


  1. great looking dress.

  2. I think you did transform the dress and I know you looked very beautiful. It was a lovely evening :o)

  3. I was pretty excited to see pictures of your dress. I was not disappointed! Did you have sewing (and singing) mice helping you with this? haha :)

  4. I think I must have had singing mice helping me because I don't know how else I managed to do it! Not bad for someone who can't sew, eh? Thank you for your lovely comments. I was thinking of not posting pictures because I didn't think it was worth it. How lovely to think that you (jennelaine) were actually excited to see pictures of the dress!

  5. Can't help thinking back to Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink. I love that movie and I love this project. VERY COOL!

  6. Yes, Pretty in Pink and Cinderella magic.

    Love your circle scrapbook on flickr.