Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm melting

I've been a rubbish blogger lately. I went away for a week at the beginning of the month and I am still paying for it now. I've been spending most days in bed and the days I haven't been in bed, I have been sitting and staring at the wall like a mannequin. I'm completely exhausted and also I am wondering if I really was trampled on by a horse last night. Is it possible for one to sleep through that sort of thing? Very achey indeed. But I've been wanting to do SOMETHING creative for a while. So, I got out my unused birthday toy (a mini quilting iron) and began melting! I melted beeswax onto an older painting I did (pics at the end of this post) which gave it the finishing touch I had wanted. Also, I did an art journal page using melted crayons. Very fun indeed. Have you ever melted crayons before? 

I LOVE the smooth finish of the crayon once it had solidified (which doesn't take long). So tactile. So stroke-able. Yes, that's right: strokeable. 

Next weekend, Donna Downey will be doing some classes here in the UK. I was planning to go. It was looking as though we would have the money and I could have met (and been taught by) one of my scrapbooking/crafting gurus. Alas no. The money we thought we would have, we do not have. Not even slightly. How many times does DONNA DOWNEY come and do classes in the UK?? (It's a rhetorical question, but you may not know the answer, which is NOT OFTEN!). Oh Donna. One day... Maybe I'll convince Mr Pippa to take me to her event in South Carolina next year :o)

Anyway! I will post again soon. I will. Promise.


  1. Oh pippa, that's too bad that you won't be able to attend the classes.....maybe she'll come again sometime soon when you can go.....

    The wax looks like fun!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon :o)

  2. wonderful work thanks more please a lot more.i come against the illness you did have in the name of more praying for the illness but that the illness has to go by the power of Jesus Christ.let it be Lord.with love.

  3. what a great idea to melt the crayons, I would have never thought about it! the result looks very very beautiful. I'm sorry to hear you can't go to her classes, but I'm sure there will be a next time :)

  4. Wah! You're painting is finished! I love the way you mix and match different mediums together ( does look kind of messy though, doesn't it ?) How would you apply these melted crayons onto your canvas/ paper? It's so fun to see all you're various projects! Keep it up :)

  5. I love this painting and the wax is a perfect finish....I think I might have to have a "play" with this technique!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. if your iron stops working i have some which i use now and again so tell sion or sa and i will send a fun thing useing wax on paper and you can get away with uesing it on canvas but watch it does'nt crack.the lady is right your work 10/ your pencil work from sometime ago.wish i could do it but can't do it anymore because of larger work.taken a rest most of this year just do the odd think.may God bless you and hubby.

  7. Thanks for your comments guys!

    Karen: I used a mini quilting iron and pressed the crayon (an beeswax) onto it so that it dripped onto the page/canvas. Once on the page, I smoothed it over again with the iron. It's so much fun to melt things!