Thursday, May 22, 2008

NOT impressed

Recently (for my birthday), I got a Crop-a-Dile. I love it. I can make holes in absolutely anything and I can set eyelets so easily - no hammer needed! It's wonderful. Yesterday, the matching case for it finally arrived in the post and my lovely Crop-a-Dile had a home at last, along with the pretty eyelets. It all looked beautiful...



Isn't it lovely? Doesn't it look so happy? Don't you just want to sing to it? But wait! What's this? BROKEN?!

That's right. I had had it in my possession for about 4 hours (and I hadn't been holding it the whole time, either) and it was already broken. We R Memory Keepers: why would you make such a flimsy box? Why? The Crop-a-Dile is so strong and wonderful; why would you encase it with something so very inferior?? I am not impressed.

But on a VERY exciting note, I shall be revealing the photographs from my FIRST EVER SCRAPBOOK tomorrow. That's right: tomorrow! Oh yes folks, it's good. I am so excited about it! I want to rush out and show everyone but I know that, realistically, not many people would be interested. But you'll be excited for me, won't you?