Monday, April 28, 2008

unfinished journal page

Haven't blogged in a while so though I'd share an unfinished art journal page. I plan to do a bit more with her hair and add some detail to that flower in her hair. Also, the window was an afterthought, so I'll do a bit more to that. I enjoyed painting her hair. Very relaxing.

We've been away at a wedding this weekend (which was lovely) and now I feel completely wrecked. But it was a great weekend, so the pain and general flu-like feelings are worth it. Before the weekend, I started my first ever scrapbook, so I'll have that to share with you soon.

Cheerio for now! And thank you so much for your lovely comments: they keep me smiling.


  1. I love long, wild hair! This is a wonderful, unusual spread!

  2. I like this, very dream-like, especially the garde behind her...

  3. I mean garden of course, not a French train station. It is too early for coherent thought or indeed correct typing!

  4. I love your journal page , GREAT !
    Rini the Netherlands .