Thursday, March 13, 2008

I lied

Okay so I didn't post pictures yesterday.  It turned into quite a busy day.  Today I have some art-journal pages to share with you.  This one is one from a while ago but I jazzed it up with some ribbon, which I really like.

This spread is on 'rest'. As part of the recovery process for ME, I am having to teach myself how to really rest. I don't have the energy to be taking part in high-demand activity, so my days are generally filled with low-demand activity OR sleep (which I am VERY good at!). However, I need to be making time to really rest - just sit down and breathe for ten minutes. Don't read a book (that hurts my eyes and I have to use my brain, which is mush most of the time), don't watch TV: just sit. There are just so many other things I could be doing though!

I find blank pages quite daunting so on this spread I stuck down a wallpaper border (I always pick up some free samples when I'm in DIY shops).  With a border like that, I needed a spread that was quite flamboyant, so the rest just happened.  But I have no idea what to journal about on it!  I think I'll wait until I have something so celebrate and dance about.

And finally this page.  I really really enjoyed making this spread.  Lots of layering and ripping and painting.  It reads "one of my favourite places is the land of dreams".  That's right folks, it's a whole spread about my love of sleep (or should that be my love for sleep?).  The sketch I did of the sleeping girl (possibly me?) was one I drew years ago, so I just copied it.

Ah I do love sleep.


  1. Very nice stuff you've got going on there! You have been my inspiration lately.......I have been making these little 'artcards' with stuff I cut out of magazines and wot not.....I need to get some paints though......what do you recommend? I know nothing about paints, really......

  2. freedom in your work is refreashing the flow of what will be will be. what comes out of it, is what you get. GOD be with you.

  3. HI Pippa

    i am sian's friend and pod's daughter

  4. what a small world made a comment on your work this morning.i,m sara's dad. both on the same day.POD

  5. Although I replied to Jessica's question about paint on her blog, I thought I'd reply on here too. I recommend acrylic paints: you can water them down and use them as a wash over your work, or use them straight from the tube so that they're nice and thick. That's what I like to use. I also use watercolour pencils on smaller areas.