Thursday, February 14, 2008

that's what friends are for!

I have a friend, let's call her Arriane (because that's her name).  I grew up with Arriane and we know each other really quite well.  She lives far away but, with texting and facebook, we keep in touch very well indeed.  Arriane and I like to give each other imaginary food.  For example, I may sit down with a cup of tea and a cake and send her a wee text saying something like, "Just having a cuppa and a little cake, want one?" and she will reply with something along the lines of, "Yes please, that cake looks yummy".  So I didn't think it at all odd the other day when we were texting each other and she said, "I'm in Starbucks, want a coffee?", so I said I'd have a latte and then we discussed which cake we would both have.  And a lovely little conversation it was.

Now I must backtrack a little.  Hubby and I are going through a bit of a tough time (hence having to sell my wedding dress) and can't afford to buy food, so we've just been finishing off what's in the cupboards (mainly tinned food and disgusting low salt and low sugar baked beans - I don't know why I bought them).  

On Tuesday evening, I received a very obscure text from Arriane saying something like, "I'm very sorry if this will annoy you but you will be getting some shopping delivered between 5 and 6 tomorrow", and then after many 'thank you's from me she said, "I got you some lattes".  I was very confused indeed.  Do Starbucks do deliveries?  Hubby and I were very excited, but also very confused and were not really sure of what to expect.

So Hubby arrived back from work yesterday evening as usual.  There was a nice sunset visible from our kitchen window...

Then at 5.45pm, the doorbell went.  
"Sainsbury's delivery?" said the delivery man.  Sainsbury's?!  That's NICE food! He brought out the crate full of carrier bags, which I took out VERY enthusiastically indeed, excitedly calling out to Hubby every so often "we've got sausages!" and then "we've got milk!".  
The delivery man took the empty crate away to reveal a full crate underneath!  "Are those for us too?!" I think he found it quite amusing that I didn't even know what was in the bags (as, normally, the person receiving the goods is the same person who ordered the goods!).  
So many goodies!  He went away and Hubby and I couldn't stop jumping about and giggling.  

Look at all of the goodies!

(Yes, I am a big saddo for lining them all up and photographing them, but I'm okay with it)

All of that FOOD!  And not only that, but she bought Richmond sausages, which are my favourite sausages.  She bought Tikka Masala sauce, which is the only Indian sauce I like.  She bought us natural golden granulated sugar, which is the sugar that we normally buy (Hubby has sugar in his tea and we had almost run out).  She bought Hovis 'Best of Both' (which is a cross between brown bread and white bread), which is the bread we normally get because I like brown bread and Hubby likes white bread.  She even bought a box of lattes!  

Arriane, you are a STAR!

Hubby and I enjoyed a latte after dinner last night and it was delicious.


  1. What a beautiful thing for a friend to do! I think Arriane is a star too! :)

  2. What a fantastic idea from a beautiful friend

  3. Now that's a true friend right there....Amazing!

  4. How wonderful! My hubby and I have been in a similar situation this past year and we've been blessed many times by the generosity of friends. It sure makes you look forward to being able to bless others some day! :)

  5. That is the sweetest story! Oh bless great friends. Stories like this just always remind me how wonderful people can be. I'm sure you must be a great friend in return!