Friday, February 15, 2008

my new corkboard

I don't actually have a new corkboard, I just re-vamped an old one.  I wanted to have an inspiration board above my desk but I didn't want to hide the pretty wallpaper.  So...

...I covered it in wallpaper!  I didn't even use glue: I just pinned it to the board.

Yes, my desk is a mess.  I have all that space but only ever end up working in a tiny little portion of the space because I just can't be bothered to tidy it! 

So the inspiration board is up and, so far, the only things I have on there are little words from Keri Smith.  I'm sure it'll fill-up in no time.

Four blog posts in two days!  I'm procrastinating.  I need to get creating...


  1. Cute idea, I really like that 3 dimensional look!

  2. Great Keri quote - and great idea for your inspiration board. I did a inspiration board in the beginning of this year, check it out on my blog. It don't cover the wall paper either!


  3. Haha - I like the Keri Smith quote, but I LOVE what you've done with your pinboard! A warm welcome to EDM and I look forward to seeing your further adventures in art!