Friday, February 29, 2008

colour-themed collage book - stage 2

Glue-gun time!  Before sticking the objects into the book, I thought I'd take a picture of them all laid-out first.  I liked the look of it - something about having things in colour order AND all organised neatly really pleases me.  So I took more pictures.  I'm enjoying this little project.

I'm struggling to find white things to stick in.  There is also a distinct lack of light purple.  And brown.  And gold.  Okay so some of the pages are nowhere near finished.  On some of the pages I haven't even finished the collage stage.  But I think that this book is going to be a little work-in-progress.  A bit like the Wreck This Journal: at first I was doing it non-stop, but then I would just do a page when I felt like it.

Some wonderful news: I have more PVA glue!  My SIL got some for me (thank you!), so I can continue my arty life as usual.  I tend to go through phases - sometimes textile work, sometimes painting, sometimes journaling, sometimes sketching, and at the moment it's collage so it's good to have some more glue.


  1. I have spent this evening potching happily in my sketchbook/journal. The results are very stiff. You can tell I am not used to this kind of work.

    But it is good to be doing something way out of my comfort zone.

  2. oh my Gawd, I LOVE this. The photos are great. love the read and the blue....and green....the white is good too...