Thursday, February 28, 2008

colour-themed collage book - stage 1

I wasn't happy with the way the pages turned out when I scanned them, so I'm back to photographing my work -  and I'm no photographer so please excuse the blurred ones.

What follows are a few of the pages from the book before I began gluing (glueing?) objects into the it. Don't you think that the orange page looks much more orange than it did in the previous post? (photographing vs scanning - I've chosen photographing)

These aren't all of the pages - you can view more of them on flickr (link on the left).

If you've never tried collage before, just do it! I find something very therapeutic about cutting up magazines - easy to do whilst watching the television too.  Go on, have some fun x x x

1 comment:

  1. Your collages are great, I love the colours! (And yes - it's much more orange! ;-))