Friday, February 29, 2008

colour-themed collage book - stage 2

Glue-gun time!  Before sticking the objects into the book, I thought I'd take a picture of them all laid-out first.  I liked the look of it - something about having things in colour order AND all organised neatly really pleases me.  So I took more pictures.  I'm enjoying this little project.

I'm struggling to find white things to stick in.  There is also a distinct lack of light purple.  And brown.  And gold.  Okay so some of the pages are nowhere near finished.  On some of the pages I haven't even finished the collage stage.  But I think that this book is going to be a little work-in-progress.  A bit like the Wreck This Journal: at first I was doing it non-stop, but then I would just do a page when I felt like it.

Some wonderful news: I have more PVA glue!  My SIL got some for me (thank you!), so I can continue my arty life as usual.  I tend to go through phases - sometimes textile work, sometimes painting, sometimes journaling, sometimes sketching, and at the moment it's collage so it's good to have some more glue.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

colour-themed collage book - stage 1

I wasn't happy with the way the pages turned out when I scanned them, so I'm back to photographing my work -  and I'm no photographer so please excuse the blurred ones.

What follows are a few of the pages from the book before I began gluing (glueing?) objects into the it. Don't you think that the orange page looks much more orange than it did in the previous post? (photographing vs scanning - I've chosen photographing)

These aren't all of the pages - you can view more of them on flickr (link on the left).

If you've never tried collage before, just do it! I find something very therapeutic about cutting up magazines - easy to do whilst watching the television too.  Go on, have some fun x x x

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

come fly with me

Hi there folks.  I have a LOT of pictures to share from my new colour-themed collage book, but there are too many to upload at this late an hour so, instead, here's an art-journal page.

I love kites!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

this REALLY made me laugh...

On our way to church last week we saw something shining on the ground so stopped to have a look.  This is what it was. 

It made me laugh.  Hope it brings a smile to your face too.

Monday, February 25, 2008


What a beautiful sight: a folder full of pretty pictures just waiting to be stuck down.  Alas, I shan't be doing this for a while as I have now officially run out of PVA glue.

However, I did LOADS of collage work while I had the chance, so the next few days I shall share what I have been up to.  As requested by Sian, here is an orange page from my new colour-themed collage book.  

The lack of PVA glue doesn't mean that I've finished though - not by any means! So now it's time to get the glue-gun out and stick actual objects onto the pages! Hurrah! 

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Collage has been the activity of the week and I will be very sad once my glue supply has run out. I've been working on another colour-themed collage book, which I'm really enjoying (after all, that's what it's all about!).  There's something very aesthetically pleasing about putting things in colour groups, don't you think?  Maybe it appeals to my OCD!  Here's one of the pages.  I plan to stick objects onto the pages too, but haven't got to that stage just yet.

By the way, what do you think of my new banner?

Monday, February 18, 2008

the world's most giant sketchbook

I thought my sketchbook was big... until I saw this one. Check it out!
I've been drawing a lot this weekend.  Nothing amazing, but it's good to get back to drawing again.  I've been scanning my pictures and I'm not really happy with the results.  I preferred the way they looked when I photographed them.  If anyone has any tips on scanning drawings, let me know.  

Friday, February 15, 2008

my new corkboard

I don't actually have a new corkboard, I just re-vamped an old one.  I wanted to have an inspiration board above my desk but I didn't want to hide the pretty wallpaper.  So...

...I covered it in wallpaper!  I didn't even use glue: I just pinned it to the board.

Yes, my desk is a mess.  I have all that space but only ever end up working in a tiny little portion of the space because I just can't be bothered to tidy it! 

So the inspiration board is up and, so far, the only things I have on there are little words from Keri Smith.  I'm sure it'll fill-up in no time.

Four blog posts in two days!  I'm procrastinating.  I need to get creating...

spell on Flickr

Check this out it is so cool! Type in any word and have it spelt out with letters from Flickr. I've been wasting quite a lot of time on there.

Thanks for you lovely comments yesterday - I LOVE getting comments! Oh and Hubby loved his valentine mug :o)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

Hubby knows that if he spent any money on me this Valentine's Day, I would only tell him off (because we don't have the money to spend right now).  This morning he presented me with a card made by... him! It was full of a sufficient amount of soppiness and I adore it. 

I told Hubby not to look at my blog today (sometimes he'll have a little look while he's on his lunch-break) because I wanted to share this with you.  On Tuesday I began painting a mug for him (instead of a valentine card). First I squeezed on the outliner stuff and left it to dry for 24 hours.  Yesterday (24 hours later) I painted the mug...

(please excuse my messy desk)

Et voila! After leaving it to dry for another 24 hours, I baked it in the oven today to make it dishwasher-proof. Finished! When Hubby gets home, I plan to make him a cup of tea in his new mug :o)

I haven't done any ceramic painting in a while.  What I used to do was bake the outliner onto the mug first and THEN add the paint and bake it a second time (which was what a couple of sets of instructions recommended) but if you bake it twice, the outliner stuff tends to bubble and that is NOT a good look.

What do you think?

that's what friends are for!

I have a friend, let's call her Arriane (because that's her name).  I grew up with Arriane and we know each other really quite well.  She lives far away but, with texting and facebook, we keep in touch very well indeed.  Arriane and I like to give each other imaginary food.  For example, I may sit down with a cup of tea and a cake and send her a wee text saying something like, "Just having a cuppa and a little cake, want one?" and she will reply with something along the lines of, "Yes please, that cake looks yummy".  So I didn't think it at all odd the other day when we were texting each other and she said, "I'm in Starbucks, want a coffee?", so I said I'd have a latte and then we discussed which cake we would both have.  And a lovely little conversation it was.

Now I must backtrack a little.  Hubby and I are going through a bit of a tough time (hence having to sell my wedding dress) and can't afford to buy food, so we've just been finishing off what's in the cupboards (mainly tinned food and disgusting low salt and low sugar baked beans - I don't know why I bought them).  

On Tuesday evening, I received a very obscure text from Arriane saying something like, "I'm very sorry if this will annoy you but you will be getting some shopping delivered between 5 and 6 tomorrow", and then after many 'thank you's from me she said, "I got you some lattes".  I was very confused indeed.  Do Starbucks do deliveries?  Hubby and I were very excited, but also very confused and were not really sure of what to expect.

So Hubby arrived back from work yesterday evening as usual.  There was a nice sunset visible from our kitchen window...

Then at 5.45pm, the doorbell went.  
"Sainsbury's delivery?" said the delivery man.  Sainsbury's?!  That's NICE food! He brought out the crate full of carrier bags, which I took out VERY enthusiastically indeed, excitedly calling out to Hubby every so often "we've got sausages!" and then "we've got milk!".  
The delivery man took the empty crate away to reveal a full crate underneath!  "Are those for us too?!" I think he found it quite amusing that I didn't even know what was in the bags (as, normally, the person receiving the goods is the same person who ordered the goods!).  
So many goodies!  He went away and Hubby and I couldn't stop jumping about and giggling.  

Look at all of the goodies!

(Yes, I am a big saddo for lining them all up and photographing them, but I'm okay with it)

All of that FOOD!  And not only that, but she bought Richmond sausages, which are my favourite sausages.  She bought Tikka Masala sauce, which is the only Indian sauce I like.  She bought us natural golden granulated sugar, which is the sugar that we normally buy (Hubby has sugar in his tea and we had almost run out).  She bought Hovis 'Best of Both' (which is a cross between brown bread and white bread), which is the bread we normally get because I like brown bread and Hubby likes white bread.  She even bought a box of lattes!  

Arriane, you are a STAR!

Hubby and I enjoyed a latte after dinner last night and it was delicious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

love love love

Yes, I am still alive.  I've just been sleeping a bit more lately.

Valentine's day is just around the corner, which prompted me to look at heart pictures on Flickr.  Here are some which make me happy...

View this yummy lolly image here.

View this watermelon image here.

View this image here.