Friday, January 18, 2008

my first moleskine

This was my Christmas present from my in-laws: a moleskine! I've wanted one for ages and I finally have one. I didn't use it immediately as I didn't want to ruin it. I have so many beautiful sketchbooks (not many that I can actually paint in though) and I'm the same with all of them - I don't do anything in them for fear of ruining them. THIS MUST STOP! If we forever save things for something perfect, we'll never use them! So, I have been getting out those beautiful sketchbooks and using them. I feel like I'm breaking the rules. Like going to the supermarket in your wedding dress (I've actually done that!). So here's my beautiful moleskine. Over the next few weeks and months it will look very different.

My first page spread.  The beginning.

Second page spread.  Time to have some fun!

Third page spread.  As you can see, I've only done the foundation.  Not sure where I'll go with this page.


  1. I love moleskines!! I used mine to write in when we go's been a while!

  2. Welcome to the EDM group, Pippa! :)

    I love your journal pages! I have only recently started mixed media art journaling after discovering SuziBlu on You Tube and I'm loving it.

    I'm looking forward to visiting your blog more often. Nice work ~

  3. I used to have exactly the same problem with sketchbooks. When i got my first Molskine I decided to jump right in. I'm glad i did otherwise I'd probably still be agonising over what to put on the first page.

  4. Io amo gli art-journal. Sul mio blog tra poco partirĂ  un Candy con un mio art-journal. Ciao, un saluto dall'Italia, elena.