Monday, December 17, 2007

my wedding

I got married on 31st August this year.  I cannot stop looking at my wedding pictures. When does this stop? After the first year of marriage? After five years? Ten? I thought I'd share some of my faves with you...

Me with my parents.  My mum walked me down (or should it be up?) the aisle instead of my dad, because my dad conducted the ceremony.  It was so lovely to have both of my parents on stage when we were saying our vows - my mum to give me away and my dad to marry me!  [That could sound a bit dodgy if interpreted the wrong way]

All of these are thanks to Affirmation Photography.  Although we don't have any pictures of our honeymoon (they were on the computer which was stolen), we have some cracking wedding pictures :o)

I'll post more journal pages in a bit.
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  1. Pippa your dress is amazing. No wonder you want to look at your pictures so much,I would too.
    Congratulations on your wedding!!

  2. I think you'll look again and again and again. Maybe until you have baby pictures to look at. But once the babies are old enough, you'll be showing them those pictures.

  3. what a beautiful dress! I love your blog! xxx

  4. Morning, Ta for the link, I have finally put 16 of your wedding photos on the Gallery on my site.Better late than never!! Hope your tosils are better (is that 2 els?
    I am off to dentist, have swollen gob!!
    No need to publish this, hope to see you soon, bye for now.