Wednesday, November 14, 2007

some of my stuff...

I realised that anyone looking at this blog for any signs of art may be disappointed. Everything in the house is still all over the place with the move so I haven't been able to be as arty as I would normally like. Instead, I will share some of my old pieces of work and general doodles. This blog will get artier - that's a promise!

Here is a hand I drew in a black ball-point pen. I love working in biro. I did this a few years ago and now I think the very straight lines of the cross-hatching are much too harsh. I wanted to make the hand look old and 'weathered'. I was pleased with it at the time but now I'm not so sure.

Another doodle in biro. Often, I want to draw but I just don't know what. I'm not good at just thinking up a picture in my head - I prefer drawing from observation. Hence why most of my doodles are circles and lines!

Another doodle. This time in pencil crayons.

This is a page from a sketchbook-come-scrapbook. I like to keep any little meaningless drawings I happen to do while bored, so I stick them in here.

Another page. I can't remember whose face this was. I think it may have been a model in a magazine. I love drawing faces. 

Another page. I drew this daffodil in pencil crayons but decided that it was far too boring! So plenty of black fine-liner was added. This was originally in one of my GCSE sketchbooks (very old indeed!).

My eye, drawn in pencil crayons. When I drew this (a couple of years ago) I wanted it to be as true a likeness as possible, so I kept the colours quite light. However, I am so pale that if I were any more pale I would be see-through. The result being that this drawing looks unfinished and pale. 

I'm so pleased with this painting. It's such a shame that I can't find the photo I was copying. I painted this two years ago with acrylic paints onto canvas. I had to work really quickly as acrylics are so fast-drying. There was a very slight orange reflection in the sea which I tried to do. Didn't turn out as I hoped, but I'm definitely not changing it now! I'm very pleased with the sky. Not sure about the horizon or the sea. 

This is a mono-print done in oils after much layering. I rollered the oil paint onto the table (that's right - the table! (Not to be done on a beautiful kitchen table) and gently pressed a piece of paper on top. On the paper I drew simple shapes (which were actually based on a still-life I was doing) and, once I was happy with the arrangement, I peeled the paper away from the table. I repeated this several times, which is why you may see feint white lines in the background. I've always liked this piece. But not many other people do. It certainly needs to be framed properly.

My face. I first did a biro sketch on white paper, then copied that with a white pencil crayon on black card.

My face again. This was done on computer. A very enjoyable program to use with pleasing results. However, it was done on my parents' PC and I can't remember what the program was called. Shame. I'm sure Apple have something, I just haven't explored the photo-editing possibilities on my Mac yet.

I'll post some more of my work later. I'm off to have a nap now.


  1. Well you certainly have loads of talent! Hey, thanks for adding me to your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. I want to say that the post I read yesterday was different from this one, or am I crazy?! I thought it was ironic that I had stumbled upon your blog which was talking about how you had stumbled upon someone else's?
    Anyhow, I checked out some of your favorites and found a few that I plan to check back with. Anahata is one of my favorites!
    I like the drawings that you posted - very nice!