Thursday, November 22, 2007

junk journal

I did quite a big project on 'junk' a few years ago and really loved the little journal I had created. Each page had a colour theme. As the theme was junk, I found most of the items on the street. Either that or took things which were going to be thrown away (the purple fluffy pen, the insides of a walkman, a spoon, etc). First I stuck down paper or magazine cuttings in the colour of that page, then it was time to have some fun! Not a great front cover, but I think the inside is pretty cool...

So much fun to make! Also, I find something very satisfying about looking through a really chunky, full-to-bursting art journal. If I can't close it comfortably, I'm happy!

Once I had finished with the coloured pages, I just messed about on the other pages - making little works of art with junk. On the page above, I rubbed tea into it! Great fun!


  1. I have never done a journal like that, never had reason to really, but that is so cute! Can I ask what purpose it played in the project? Was it a reminder or a jump off point or what?

  2. It was a jump off point really. And some purposeful play! I photocopied some of the pages and blew them up and did some paintings from them, which were quite interesting - not sure where they are though! I recommend a completely pointless journal - it's ever so much fun!