Saturday, November 17, 2007

a bit of a moan

I'm still not sure which way to take this blog.  Should I make it personal or strictly arty? I'm undecided.  I always worry about stalkers.

Just for now, I am going to have a little moan.  I'll probably delete it later.

We got in yesterday at about twenty past six. There was an odd light on in the living room. It was the light from the cupboard under the stairs (where we are temporarily keeping our dvds). "What has he been doing?", said Hubby with a chuckle, referring to our temporary lodger. I came into the living room and saw that the cupboard door was open and the light was on. Also, the ironing board was on the sofa ... and my Apple Mac had been unplugged and dumped on the sofa ... in fact, the whole living room had been tipped upside down. Then it dawned on me. I dashed to my art studio (the room next door), where Hubby keeps his instruments and his brand new 24" iMac (computer). It was gone. Hubby didn't know what I was doing at first. It took him a little while to register. I switched the light on and saw the carnage that had taken place in my beautiful studio. Back into the living room. They hadn't taken the TV. Or dvd player. What else had they taken? Kitchen. Empty sweet wrappers all over the floor.Cupboard doors open. Empty chocolate bar wrapper on the counter. I noticed a space on the kitchen work surface ... What was missing? All that was there was an empty cake stand. I couldn't believe it... They had taken the top tier of our wedding cake. Now it was really personal. I couldn't understand how they had got in. The front door was locked. The kitchen was cold. I couldn't see any broken glass. They had taken the panel of glass out of the door to get in. Professionals. I called the police. I couldn't stop crying. Why us? And our wedding cake?!
I phoned my parents. What could I do? I let Hubby phone his parents. I called in next door to find out if they had seen or heard anything. Nope, not a thing. 
I wandered upstairs to see what else they had taken. All of the cupboard doors were open; all the drawers emptied. The storage boxes under the bed had been pulled out and searched through. I did have a big sports holdall full of coat-hangers which they had emptied and taken, filling it with whatever took their fancy. They had certainly had a good rummage. 
The police arrived fairly quickly. They noted down what was taken. We didn't want to touch anything until CSI arrived, and he did, very quickly. He went off dusting things and the police officer took down the details. I couldn't stop thinking about the cake. Neither of us had the chance to have a piece on our wedding day. Too busy. We had been really looking forward to it. We were saving it to eat with a cup of tea when our wedding dvd was finished. And we never had a piece.
It wasn't until later that I thought of all of the photographs which were on Hubby's computer. We don't tend to print photos these days. Thousands of photos on his computer of the two of us from the beginning of our relationship. Photos of our family. Photos of happy times. We'll never get to see them again. Of all the things the scum-bags could have taken, they took the two things which held the most sentimental value.
It's only now, 28 hours later, that we're realising what else they took. Hubby's speakers for his computer. The Xbox (and whatever happened to be in the Xbox bag - controls and things). Hubby's wireless mouse and keyboard. Why couldn't they have taken the TV? The DVD player? The new microwave? Or any of our other new kitchen things (all wedding gifts)? We could replace those. But his computer? With thousands of songs on it and PHOTOS! And a wedding cake?! 
I find it very hard to be forgiving at a time like this. People keep saying very unhelpful things like, "at least you're okay" and, "I'm just glad you didn't come face-to-face with them" WHY?!  At least if we had seen them we could have identified them! We think that we had scared them off. We found the TV speakers unplugged today. 
Apparently, there was a white transit van at the back of our house. Makes me wonder if they had planned to empty the house.
I keep thanking God that we still have my computer with my photographs. And at least, with my computer, we still have access to the internet. We can continue life as normal. We did have to do quite a significant clean-up job today though. Thank the Lord we are covered on the insurance. See, I am trying very hard to count my blessings. It's just hard when I feel that I have to sleep downstairs on the sofa to protect my house. Also, I don't want to leave the house for fear that they'll come back, cause more damage, and take what they didn't have time for last time. How dare they make me feel fearful in AND out of my own home.
Not feeling very forgiving at all. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a terrible thing to have happened to you two, my heart goes out to you. I almost started crying as I read the passage since I would know how I would have felt in such a situation, especially when it comes to my pictures. I sincerely hope that they find the folks responsible for such a heinous intrusion and I hope that you will find peace at some point. I am truly sorry to hear about this, be strong.