Thursday, October 11, 2007

I love the autumn

I've had a really hectic few days, which is why I haven't blogged...

My craft day with Sian on Monday was wonderful. She taught me the art of dry-felting, which I have fallen in love with. Sian gave me a bag FULL of wool and fibres so that I can continue the dry-felting at home. Hurrah!


Here's the scene of Monday. 

I've been working over-time on searching for a house. We're viewing properties all day tomorrow, which I am quite excited about.

Autumn is finally here! We had an awful summer but as a result of all that rain, we're having the most colourful autumn. It's always been my favourite season. I love the orange leaves and the chill in the air. I love to wade through crisp leaves in the park.

Most of all, I love that I get to wear big scarves and mittens. It makes me smile just thinking about it! I used to associate autumn with new stationary and new shoes, as that was the time I would get my new school shoes and new stationary ready for the start of term. Fond memories.

We are going away for a week tomorrow. First, we will view houses and then to stay with some friends for the rest of the week for a little holiday.  So, my dear readers (that's you, mum and dad!), I apologise in advance for the lack of posts.  I'll have plenty to post about when I return!  Cheerio for now.

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